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Santic Knee Compression Sleeve Support Single Wrap

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  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: The SANTIC knee sleeves are made of premium quality, breathable & durable compression fabric 82% Nylon, 18% spandex and lycra/ UPF 50+.Get this knee sleeve today; your knee will thank you!
  • BENEFITS: Reduces inflammation/swelling,stimulates blood flow,heating effect for muscular recovery
  • SPORTS FIT: basketball,volleyball,MMA,soccer,football,hiking,skiing,tennis,golf, cycling,baseball.
  • PERFECT USE: surgery recovery,runners & jumpers knee,ACL,MCL,PCL,meniscus tear,arthritis,tendonitis
  • ANTI-SLIP SYSTEM: Engineering breakthrough in comfort and performance;To complete the fit, leg bands feature a thin, almost mesh-like gripping surface to keep everything in place and eliminate any uncomfortable bunching or pinching.


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