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Santic Customize Summer Short-sleeved Cycling Jersey

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The bright and rich colors make the jersey looks like a magnificent oil painting.         
The words pattern on the jersey is a highlight representing cyclists' dream-- ride crazily for freedom.         
The bicycle is designed based on the word “good”and the letter “o” in “world” is drawn as an earth, encouraging cyclists to move forward.         


3D Version: This men jersey is 3D cut according to the human body movements which can reduce wind resistance and improve riding efficiency. A cotton tape is attached to the back collar to avoid it chafing your neck during your cycling. It’s a slim fit professional version.         
Mesh fabric design:Soft, moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy.         
Skid resistance: Anti-skid silicone strip sewn on inside back hem of the jersey.         
Safety at night: 2 reflective strips under the pocket makes you safer when riding at night.         
Pockets: 3 pockets for you to put mobile phone, money, keys etc.         
Style:Short-sleeved Cycling Jersey         
Size:XS S M L 2XL 3XL 4XL(According to your requirement)         
Applicable objects: Male/Female         
Material: 100% polyester         
Suitable temperature: 20℃~37℃


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