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Santic Customize Gradient Color women spring summer jersey

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Color brings us different feelings and emotions, and gradient color brings us more imagination.The shades can be just the right combination!The light and gentle lightness gradient background integrates the character's skin color, breaks the monotonous feeling of pure flat, has no redundant other elements, and the overall sense of quality is doubled.V       


3D Version:This women jersey is 3D cut according to the human body movements which can reduce wind resistance and improve riding efficiency. A cotton tape is attached to the back collar to avoid it chafing your neck during your cycling.       
Mesh fabric:Ultra-soft, skin-friendly, lightweight, durable and quick-drying.       
Skid resistance: Anti-skid silicone strip sewn on the bottom inside of the jersey.       
Safety at night: 2 reflective strips under the pocket makes you safer at night when riding.       
Pockets: 3 pockets for you to put mobile phone, money, keys etc.       

Style:Short-sleeved Cycling Suit        
Size:XS S M L 2XL 3XL 4XL(According to your requirement)       
Color Classification:Red Green       
Applicable objects: Male/Female       
Matetrial: 100% polyester        
Suitable temperature: 8℃-20℃    


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